Shyonamo--a place for everyone
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Hey yall! This is the maintainer of Shyonamo! Well, while I'm not expecting very many people to join, I sure hope that you do so that livejournal can be a lot more interesting for the all of us.

To be in this community, you have to follow the following rules:

1. No flaming
2. No crude posts, as in, no porno (anime or otherwise--trust me, my mom checks out what I do online)
3. No links to crude sites
4. No stealing everyone else's ideas
5. No stalking
6. Have fun!

Prerequisites are:

1. Friendliness

Counting that it's momentarily open membership, I'm not really setting a whole lot of prerequisites, but if people join who are trashing everything and breaking the rules, then I'll appoint a new maintainer on a crap account or something, and just leave, because first of all this IS my first community, and second of all a community only works because of the people that make it up, so if you want it to be crap, then, fine, make it crap. I'll just make a new one with invite-only membership or something.

Well, have fun!

~<3, Midnyt

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